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Zadar airport is one of the most modern ones in Croatia. It is strategically located along the Mediterranean belt and is sometimes known as the gateway to Thousand Isles. Flights and roads connect the city of Zadar to other famous tourist cities in Europe. It serves as the main training base for Croatian Air Force as well as Lufthansa’s Flight School. Domestic, international and chartered flights make it a busy airport.

Four national parks, islands and beaches are all within the reach of the city and hence the travellers get more than a handful of places to visit during their stay. Hire a car at Zadar Airport and explore popular places of the city at your own pace.

The district of present Zadar has been archaeologically linked to the Stone Age and then the Indo-Europeans during 4th and 2nd millennium BC. The history is both tumultuous and exciting as the city has witnessed many a historic warfare, continued oppression from stronger quarters of the continent and frequent change in rulers.

But post World War II, the city has tried to break the shackles of the past and emerge as a modern city. Bars and pubs have sprung to give some sort of eventful night life to this city. Churches and museums have been resurrected to make the city more attractive to the visitors. The Roman ruins and the 16th century wall around the city speak volumes on the rich heritage of Zadar. Visitors usually like to hire cars and go around the city enjoying the uncultivated mix of heritage and modernism. Book your car rental for Zadar Airport now!

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